On Sat, 12 Nov 2016, Brian Sniffen <b...@evenmere.org> wrote:
>> OK, but the patch proposed works both for people who want to be notified
>> of this problem, and those that don't (with appropriate shell wrapping
>> checking the return code).  
> I think it will loop; how do I guarantee termination and indexing of
> all present messages if deletions cause errors?

Please note that we're talking about deletions and renames *between* the
scandir(3) call and going through the results it returns, during a
single invocation of 'notmuch new'. On the next run, scandir(3) won't
return the entry, and we'll think it's gone.

(Of course, if you keep deleting/renaming files and running 'notmuch
new' simultaneously all the time, you'll hit this on some other files on
the consequent runs, but then you asked for it...)

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