Twas brillig at 10:35:27 04.12.2009 UTC-08 when cworth at did gyre 
and gimble:

 >> The only problem with Cc is that Mailman suppresses duplicate
 >> messages and hence there is no List-Id: on message.

 CW> But the above sounds like the List-Id header is unreliable enough
 CW> to be useless.  Any reason not to just use something like
 CW> to:notmuch at notmuchmail to match messages sent to a list like this
 CW> one?

Automated processing. I'd go crazy to put all mailing lists' addresses
to .procmailrc instead of simple sorter in sed. But it seems it's the
only reliable way.

 CW> I think mailman defaults to not allowing messages with the
 CW> mailing-list address implicit (such as in a Bcc) so it seems like
 CW> matching the list recipient will be more reliable than hoping the
 CW> List-Id is always there.

Yep. Unfortunately.

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