also sprach Carl Worth <cworth at> [2010.02.24.2010 +0100]:
> > Carl, would you consider bouncing messages to addresses like
> > patchwork+rejected at That would make it
> > trivial for me to write glue to update patchwork automatically.
> Now you're talking my language, Martin!
> I'm disinclined to go to a web browser, find the right buttons and
> push them, but it's easy for me to add an extra address when
> declining a patch, (since I have to write that email message
> already and I can even just add a keybinding to add the extra
> address).

This is trivial to implement, but I don't see myself able to do that
anytime soon. The basic idea is the same as the Git hook[0], and if
someone wanted to take a shot, I'd be happy to create an account on
the machine hosting the patchwork instance.


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