also sprach micah anderson <micah at> [2010.01.27.1124 +1300]:
> Couldn't all of this be done without moving the existing git
> repository (don't forget that transition is a cost)? Those who
> wish to put together these proposed branches go ahead and do so,
> publishing those wherever they like (, gitorious,
> their own hosted git repositories, or even github) and then Carl
> can just add those as remotes as he sees fit.

I brought this up, so I should make the motivation explicit: I just
tried to relieve Carl from the burden of bottleneck. Since passing
out SSH accounts on his own machine does not really scale, I looked

However, I agree that the easiest solution is just to add more
users. Potentially, Carl can make use of gitolite, I can investigate
that some time this week.

> Personally, I've found mailing lists that have patches sent to
> them tends to totally kill the list for anything else. It seems
> a bit weird to use Debian's bug tracker for a non-Debian native
> program (but using it for the Debian package of notmuch does make
> sense). I am not so familiar with Roundup, patch queue trackers or
> patchwork to have anything to say about those.

patchwork integrates with the mailing list and slurps patches and
related discussion and threads them into a webpage, where they can
be workflow-managed.

The Debian bug tracker has the benefit of being usable with e-mail
(and this is notmuch we're developing, don't forget). The others are
all exclusively web-based, with the exception of launchpad, AFAIK.

The idea of having a tracker is quite simply to make it easier for
Carl to stay on top, and for e.g. you and I to assist him by vetting
patches in our free minutes.

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