On Fri, 06 May 2011 19:56:30 -0400, James Vasile <james at hackervisions.org> 
> I sent two patches to the list on March 16.  They were a bug fix to
> allow notmuch to correctly handle some poorly formatted email.  Nobody
> ever replied, but I'd like to see the bug fixed nonetheless, as it
> results in unreadable mail.  Since I've actually seen such mail in the
> wild, I'd like to see Notmuch handle it.

Hey, James.  Florian Friesdorf sent in a patch to sanitize the output of
notmuch search, which I think is the issue that you're patches were also
dealing with.  Florian's patch has be pushed to my
release-candidate/0.6.  Can you see if your issue is fixed there?  If
not maybe you could try submitting a new patch that would apply to the
release-candidate/0.6 head.


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