On 05/08/2011 09:03 PM, Jameson Graef Rollins wrote:
> Hi, folks.  I've pushed some more patches to the release-candidate/0.6
> branch [0] (which should now be at commit id
> 89ca01b6104dd732903104e50777a7b4a211e1f4):
> * support for decryption of parts with notmuch show --format=part
> * emacs support for retrieving parts (like attachments) from encrypted
>   messages
> * Dmitry Kurochkin's patch to include filenames for inline attachments
> * Andreas Amann and Florian's patch for sanitizing search text output
> * various other cleanups

I'm running this now.  It's great.  Thank you, Jamie!

One new feature that you didn't mention is that --decrypt is passed
through to notmuch reply based on the state of the current buffer.

That is: it used to be that you had to remember whether you'd viewed a
thread with M-RET or RET (to trigger decryption+verification) and adjust
your reply invocation to match if you wanted proper quoting and
attribution when replying to encrypted mail.

Now it Just Works?.  Excellent Work.


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