Hi, folks.  I have pushed a couple of more patches to
release-candidate/0.6 [0]:

* Dmitry's fix for emacs fcc
* Anton Khirnov's memleak fixes

I think that everything else can wait for later releases.

***I hereby declare that release-candidate/0.6 is ready for release.***

I think the only remaining release tasks would be to update the NEWS
file, and then possibly debian/changelog if we want to expand the 0.6
entries a bit.

Carl: what do you think?  Are you willing to push this out as a new
release?  Please let me know if there's anything else I/we can do to
facilitate that.  Thanks!


[0] git://finestructure.net/notmuch release-candidate/0.6
    (commit id: 31b65daf40dbb5fd98a875452674fe6d1e5368db)
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