Hi, folks.  I have pushed a new version of the release-candidate/0.6
branch to my repo [0].  It is all reworked on top of notmuch/master [1],
and includes:

* the miscellaneous fixes/improvements patch series starting at
  id:"1306619520-25730-2-git-send-email-jrollins at finestructure.net"
* the notmuch-show refresh patches
* Austin's atomicity patches
* Felipe's vim patches
* updates to the debian packaging

cworth: do you want to review this for the new release?  We're very close!
One last push and we can get this thing out.

bremner: do you want to reconcile this with what you've already pushed
to Debian experimental, and then push another version?


[0] git://finestructure.net/notmuch [release-candidate/0.6]
[1] cb8418784c21155ffea79cce8409a7ea3c546937
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