I really like to use notmuch for organising my emails. However, I noticed that 
vim interface is slightly lagging behind emacs. Some of the most important 
features still missing are:

- adding attachments (PATCH 4)
- saving sent emails to "Sent" box in maildir (PATCH 3)
- forwarding messages (not implemented yet)
- folding read messages in thread view (PATCH 1 and 2)

This patch series attempts to implement some of the features. It is not a 
finished product, but rather a prototype of the interface. If you consider it 
worthwhile I will try to polish the patches.

[PATCH 1/4] VIM: implemented message folding in thread view

This patch automatically folds all read messages in thread view and jumps to 
the first unread message (if present). It uses vim folding mechanisms (based on 
syntax definition), so folds can be easily opened/closed.

[PATCH 2/4] VIM: move backward trough messages in thread mode

Currently, vim frontend allows to jump forward through messages in a thread 
using Tab key. This patch introduces Shift-Tab shortcut to move backwards. In 
addition, jumping to a new message automatically unfolds it.

[PATCH 3/4] VIM: save sent message to maildir

This patch uses "notmuch insert" for adding a message to a sent folder in mail 
archives after it is sent. The path to "sent" folder is configurable through 
.notmuch-config, by defining a section called [vim]. So far there is a single 
parameter in the section "sent_dirs" that should define a mapping between email 
addresses and folders. For example:

  sent_dirs=telenczb at hu-berlin.de=>HU/Sent;telenczuk at 

Email address is parsed from the "From" header of the sent email.

[PATCH 4/4] VIM: adding attachments

Paths to files to be attached should be listed as the final lines of the 
composed message and prefixed by "Attachment:" (one line per file). For example:



   Attachment: /home/bartosz/test.pdf
   Attachment: /home/bartosz/test.txt

I will be glad to hear your opinion about the design and implementation.



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