Hi Franz,

> We already had folding via syntax in Ians fork. It turned out to be not that 
> great.
> https://github.com/imain/notmuch-vim/issues/3

Ah all right, I just thought syntax fold would be more elegant.

> In short:
> Those syntax fold marks are for one specific notmuch-show-buffer. If you open 
> a second show-buffer those
> new fold marks will overwrite the ones from the previous show-buffer. 
> Switching between those two show-buffers
> will spin up CPU for quite some time and completely lock vim.

True, I can reproduce this bug in my implementation. 

> It also would help a lot if we could reoranize the sources as in Ians fork. 
> Would simplify testing, coding (proper filetype) and backporting patches.

Agree. We should come up with a plan how to integrate the changes back into 
notmuch. Do you have any ideas?



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