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> Hi,
> I really like to use notmuch for organising my emails. However, I noticed 
> that vim interface is slightly lagging behind emacs. Some of the most 
> important features still missing are:
> - adding attachments (PATCH 4)
> - saving sent emails to "Sent" box in maildir (PATCH 3)
> - forwarding messages (not implemented yet)
> - folding read messages in thread view (PATCH 1 and 2)
> This patch series attempts to implement some of the features. It is
> not a finished product, but rather a prototype of the interface. If
> you consider it worthwhile I will try to polish the patches.

Before Christmas we had a flurry of patches from Ian Main (in copy). I
think there is some functionality overlap with what you proposed. As far
as I know Ian has mainly been working on his private fork of the vim
client, but maybe if the two (or three, including Franz) of you can work
together to review each other's patches and polish things we can get
some of these things upstream.

You have look at some of the existing vim patches under review at

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