Am 27.01.11 08:58, schrieb Josimpson Ocaba:
Sorry for the broken links.

Repository Builder>  
MS Installer>  
Docs>  http://incubator.apache.org/npanday/docs/1.3-incubating/index.html

Hi NPanday Users,

After all the hard work that everyone in the community gave, I'm happy to 
announce that NPanday 1.3 Incubating is available and ready for your testing 
and voting.

You can start testing here:

Repository Builder>  http :// vmbuild . apache .org/ archiva 
/repository/staged- npanday / npanday / npanday -repository-builder/1.3-incubating/
MS Installer>  http :// vmbuild . apache .org/ archiva /repository/staged- 
npanday / npanday / npanday -installer/1.3-incubating/
Source>  http :// vmbuild . apache .org/ archiva /repository/staged- npanday / 
npanday / npanday -project/1.3-incubating/

The docs for 1.3 Incubating can also be found here: http ://incubator. apache 
.org/ npanday /docs/1.3-incubating/index. html

[] +1 1.3 Incubating passes and is ready for release
[] 0 Don't care
[] -1 Objection and please state the reason why.

Thanks again for the people who contributed patches and filed issues.


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