I wonder, if there isn't a lesson here for us.  To do the things that are
truly our hearts desires. To live each day as if it is our last.

I am one of us who did not know Melinda other than from this list....and 
yet her passing weighs so heavily. My deepest sympathies to those of you 
who knew and loved her, and to her family.


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<Moderator: I am very sorry to hear about
your lost Terry. At a time as a
fan where I should be celebrating a excellent
Superbowl performance I am
grief stricken by the last of our family members. I
lost a very special Aunt
a few months back to cancer now I am going to through
the same thing with a
very special friend... -Derek>

So very well put Derek
and I've been feeling the same way.  The Superbowl
performance is not
bittersweet because of the sad occurrence.  So many
people at work kept asking
"Did You See Him" and all I could think was that
one of our has gone into the
Purple Rain.  No wondered it rained that night,
one of ours had ascended to a
Heavenly plane.

You chat, joke, meet at concerts and sometimes you speak
for years and never
eva see this person.  But the Prince Community is always
there with open
arms when a call for help, need goes out a social dynamic that
most people
would never understand.  But even though I never met Melinda, my
heart is

And don't yall take this the wrong way, but pray for the
person in the other
car too.  I can't imagine it easy to know whether it was
an accident or not,
you were involved in the loss of a life.

Peace yall,
Robin aka CherryMoon

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