Hi, Glenn,

Do you have need for external resource for SPP I-14 data collection and
analysis?  Wizdom is teamed up with the National Opinion Research Center at
the University of Chicago to provide this service.  (The TransPlanner!
collects all the SPP I-13 data!)


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  The New Mexico survey includes students with significant intellectual and
cognitive disabilities through the facilitation of interviewers who have
expertise in working with people with severe disabilities.  In instances
where formers students are not able to answer questions, parents/ guardians
are asked to assist in completing the questions.

  Glenn Damian


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    Additional post-secondary education questions include type of
educational program, services or accommodations requested, and reason did
not enroll in post-secondary education, (if applicable).

  Are these questions being asked of students with intellectual/significant
cognitive disabilities as well?

  I ask given I spent nearly 1 1/2 hours chatting in a research interview
with an individual representing University of Iowa who is in the process of
establishing another Postsecondary Education option for students with
significant /cognitive/intellectual disabilities.

  BTW--There are now more than 110 universities and colleges (and that
number is growing) that are addressing PSE for students with intellectual

  Is the population of students with intellectual disabilities accessing
PSE-college/university options being captured?

  Are the states & territories asking those questions in their PSO surveys?
And are the data being captured to demonstrate this growing trend?

  Donna Martinez

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