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Surely one of the main aims of all the various piping groups to which we belong must be to encourage new players and I therefore think there always has to be 'give and take' where there is a 'mixed experience' group of players.

One does not want to discourage the less experienced who perhaps know few tunes from memory and maybe struggle to read music but at the same time those who have been playing for a long time and know the majority of the repertoire from memory want to be challenged, so I believe one has to cater for both extremes during an 'open' session (and an awful lot of people who are 'in the middle', as it were.)

I do think however there is a danger that 'life and bounce' can be mistaken for 'breakneck speed' and whilst I am firmly of the opinion that one does not progress if one does not leave one's 'comfort zone' from time to time, I do not see that there is a lot to be gained by playing lots of tunes in succession at a speed at which no-one in the room (or very few) can actually manage. From a listening point of view, I would rather hear a tune played at a slightly slower pace and with more style and feeling, rather than sounding 'out of control'.

I think the watchword, as ever, is COMPROMISE!!!


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  I am pleased to read about the respect given to Jimmy Little up at
  Alnwick. The group of pipers at Morpeth who mostly play from music and
  sound as 'flat as the paper the music is printed on' are not interested
  in any input from people like myself. They seem to be more concerned
  about all starting together and playing at a speed the slowest can
  manage which is nothing to do with 'life and bounce' in the music.
  Style comes second or maybe as a result of getting life into the music.
  Colin R

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