I created this facebook group for the QLD Wolves to coordinate - we seem a
bit spread out over a few lists, forums and IRC. Feel free to join and tell
anyone else you know:


We can put our potential events on there (such as game viewing and the curry
night) and forward them around our networks.

I was also talking to Darrell on Sunday about molmix and how a lot of people
seem to be banned from this and it's popularity is waning a bit. Anyone
interested in a new forum only site for Australian fans? I still have the
ozwolves.com domain that I could whack up a standard phpbb forums for
everyone on if there was enough interest. If there's going to be future
tours, then we probably need to coordinate better.

Good idea/Crap idea? - you tell me. I don't mind... I'm not much of a forum
poster - but I know a lot of others do.

Anyway - back to work... I am finding it pretty tough today after about 1-2
hours sleep on the red-eye then straight to work...<eek>


ps. Awesome Awesome weekend... great to catch up with and meet so many
Wolves fans

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