Milijas' record is very impressive at both club and international level
so he doesn't just become crap overnight.  Thick Mick has only given him
4 games to prove himself since moving to a new country, a new club and a
new system of playing.  I reckon that's very harsh and he should be
given the chance to settle in and prove his obvious talent.


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I agree Steve, Mancienne at left back on Saturday will be MM's change to
the team. Ward is out for a few more weeks at least.


Castillo may well have more bite, but it is the lack of a killer final
ball that is hindering us at the moment. Castillo hasn't shown he has
this string to his bow yet. Milijas has in my opinion and should be
given another chance.



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Mancienne at LB from now on?  When is Ward back?

Agree about the Hen.  I rubbed my eyes in disbelief when the ball seemed
to be punched away from near the penalty spot.

I think things are improving.  Not sure about Milijas, especially with
two strikers.  I'd have thought Castillo would add more bite.

2009/10/19 <>

I hate to sound like a broken record but until we get some class in the
middle of the park to feed the likes of Doyle and SEB we are going to
struggle to win these types of games. Everton were nothing special and
there for the taking, a bit more guile and composure with the final ball
to the front two and we could have scored 3 or 4 more. I really hope he
brings back Milijas and gives him another chance. 


Best game I have seen from Hennessey in ages, seems like they have been
coaching / encouraging him to come for crosses. Did not make a mistake
all game in my opinion.


Zubar had a good debut alongside the excellent Craddock and Berra.
Elokobi is not up so standard as we have said before, at fault for the
Everton goal, nowhere near his man and just ball watching.


If we can get something from the Villa game I will be happy.


Sorry I won't be able to make it on Wednesday as I am down in Finley,
NSW and don't get back until 9pm.







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