I was half hoping no one would raise this nasty. You're right. And many of
them are uninsured because they live in flood prone areas and are,
therefore, by definition uninsurable. But what do you do when everything you
have, house and possessions, is destroyed. A $15,000 handout from the govt
won't do a great deal.


It must also be very frustrating for people who have been in isolated
pockets of flooding (6 to 20 homes effected - like in the Illawarra floods
in the late 90's) over the last 20 years to see the amount of money flowing
in when they got very little to nothing.



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I guess the lesson is dont waste your money paying for insurance as the
council will pay through a relief fund, and the govt will levy money, from
those who did pay for insurance (and who paid higher premiums because of
those who took the risk and didnt get insurance and got burned). Same
happened with the NSW bushfires.

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Had to laugh at this comment that someone put up on the SMH website about
the flood levy:


So.... swany and co blow the surplus on dodgy insulation schemes and
throwing $900 to dead people, non australians and bogans to buy a plasma
tele's, smokes and pokies and then demand everyone pay it back because
suddenly the kitty is bare for infrastructure rebuilding? Priceless economic
mismanagement by a group of labor hacks that have never even run a school


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