I hadn't expected to create such a confusion so I will try to restate my

On MacOSX Gerben has provided a restructured version of tetex where the
locations of some files have changed. I am not sure of the detailed reasons
for this but it certainly much easier to keep up to date. For instance he
even provides an updater for ConTeXt to beta or standard using a single
click (I only just found that! Thanks Gerben).

Now the line 
 texfont --en=8r --ve=urw --co=courier --so=auto
Should work but instead gives

 TeXFont 1.8 - ConTeXt / PRAGMA ADE 2000-2003

    processing aborted : unknown subpath ../fonts/afm/urw/courier

The subpath exists but maybe at a different root
thus I presume that --fontroot should be invoked especially since the help
gives me 
  --fontroot=path : texmf font root (default:
So I try 
texfont --en=8r --ve=urw --co=courier --so=auto
on one line of course

    processing aborted : unknown subpath ../fonts/afm/urw/courier
is the result.

The apparent error is that the --fontroot option doesn't work. Hopefully
that is all I wanted fixed. Texfont has been upgraded with many new options
but this 'bug' remains.


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