> Why do you whish to reinstall all the supplied fonts? Or do you just
> want to learn how to use texfont?
I simply wish to use the fonts as most others do (I think) and I am unable
to because of this bug. The normal context fonts do not exist on Gerben's
version. Before Gerben's reorganisation they were made by texfont, this now
does not work because of what I believe to be a simple (I do not understand
Perl otherwise I would have a go at fixing it) bug in texfont. Maybe I am
wrong but I am beginning to find this extremely frustrating (7 months). Once
I realised that somebody was working on texfont 1.8 I had hoped for a fix.

If no developer/Perl expert has Gerbens version of tetex perhaps I could
help debug if a version was supplied to me that printed out the full path
that texfont was looking for files in. The --fontroot option or kpsewhich
lookup appears to be at fault but I have no debugging facilities.

Any suggestions (other than giving up) gratefully received.


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