Dear Gerben or Hans,
I have been away on holiday. So I have lost the result of this thread. Have
you or Hans solved this problem. If so, do I need to upgrade i-tetex or
ConTeXt or both. I would really like to solve this problem and get back to
standard ConTeXt fonts.


> From: Hans Hagen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> At 00:05 07/08/2003 +0200, Gerben Wierda wrote:
>> Yes, this could be. If texexec or any ConTeXt tool does not use texmf.cnf
>> values but has hardcoded ideas about where to find stuff (texmf), then the
>> rearranging of the texmf directories could have an influence. Hans can
>> probably say if this is possibly the case. After all, the rearranging had
>> no ill effects whatsoever on TeX or LaTeX, because where files are is
>> governed by texmf.cnf and that was adapted as well to reflect the changed
>> situation. If there is hardcoded stuff in texexec that is playing a role
>> (I am guessing here), making it dynamic by calls to kpsewhich is a good
>> solution.
>> For the rest, the content of texmf.tetex is created by Thomas Esser, not
>> me. And there you will find not a complete set of URW but an Adobe set and
>> thatis what the discussion is also about. hans is right in stating that.
> context can happily work in the texmf tree and does depemnd on its own
> trees; with regards to texfont:
> - it will install in either texmf-fonts or texmf-local, depending on what
> is present; the reason for having texmf-fonts is that we need a place for
> commercial fonts (and texmf-local is for my updates, local stuff etc)
> - texfonts uses prefixed names (texnansi-* and alike) for several reasons:
> (1) when i buy a font, i wan tto copy the fonts to some temp path, call
> texfont, and have the job done; i don't want to mess around with 8 char
> names that may conflict is i do something wrong;
> - another reason for texfonts naming sheme of 'third party fonts' is that
> when one starts slanting fonts (and alike) the kb naming sheme does not
> keep track of what slant is used, which in principle will lead to conflicts
> if one has multiple instances (wherever they may come from)
> - for the same reason i keep separate map files for those third part
> collections
> - with regards to the fonts on tex live the confusion comes from the mix of
> adobe names and urw type ones. So far whatever i made default, failed on
> someones system, which is why we have now type-akb for the mixed users
> - also: context font mechanism is set up in a way that makes it possible to
> combine fonts with minimal calls (once understood -), supporting relative
> scaling and alike; i don't want user sto be dependent on one (few) persons
> to define / install / use fonts.
>> If that is the case, texfont is a problem because it hard codes locations
>> where texmf.cnf is the source for locations and kpsewhich is the way to
>> find out about them.
> afaik it uses kpsewhich an-r env vars and one can set things on the command
> line as well; there is not so much hard coded in there -)
> Hans


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