On Mon, 31 May 2004, Patrick Gundlach wrote:

> > \externalfigure[example][width=5cm]
> > some text, jpeg-figure is shifted down and to the left.
> I don't see that it is shifted to the left, but slightly down (I
> wonder where this is aligned?).

Indeed, very slightly. But much better than here. So I just have to update
to ConTeXt 2004.4.9.

> And \externalfigure eats up the
> whitespace after "5cm]". This is sligthly confusing.

Yes. I've just seen the same problem with \cite[...] (m-bib). With \cite
it's a bigger problem, because it's in the running text, \externalfigure
in most cases in a \placefigure.

Thanks for your answers, Peter

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