On Tue, 22 Jun 2004, Patrick Gundlach wrote:
> >> >> [starting ConTeXt wiki at] http://members.ping.de:8062/
> >> What kind of example documents do you think of? I guess that you know
> >> that the magazines on the main ConTeXt site have their source code
> >> included?
> > I was thinking of all kinds of day-to-day documents, like the letter
> > template I mentioned. I could not find one according to DIN-standards, so I
> > did some trial-and-error experiments and created my own. 
> What were the difficulties you ran into?

One problem was on how to create a header with a different height for just 
one page for a letter template ... I needed some trickery (I don't recall it 
exactly, now) to make it work, and tried many things on the way. Another was 
the anchoring of layers, although for that I found some very helpful 
documentation (thanks, Hans, for the "Details"). And, as I'm no wizard in 
TeX, I had some problems with redefining in macros; I still do not know, 
whether these work for all cases now.

> > Arguments for a collection could be:
> >
> > 1) Perhaps a comprehensive and classified collection of sample documents
> >    could spare others such time consuming trials.
> a) it is impossible to have a comprehensive collection of documents.
> There are too many faces ConTeXt has.

Okay, but it would be nice to have a starting point, instead of starting all 
projects from scratch. Didn't anybody write a letter for window-envelopes 

> b) It is hard to classify the documents. Two possibilities:
>   1)   layout trickery
>        macro hacking
>        itemize weirdness
>        crazy table fun
> or
>   2)   letters
>        articles
>        poems
>        magazines/newspaper
> Any other? Which one makes sense?

You are right. But from my perspective, the latter would make more sense. At 
least, I thought about such a collection being useful when I start a new 
project (e.g. a letter ...). Then I could look up, whether there is anything 
I can build on.

For the trickery and stuff, there is the documentation (okay, these are not 
editable by everyone), and one could build a second hierarchy in the Wiki 
which contains simply links to helpful trickery in the other parts ...

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