On Mon, 31 May 2004, Patrick Gundlach wrote:

> > FitBH means, fit to width of bounding box. When reading text on the screen,
> > the combination of FullScreen and FitBH seems to me optimal.
> I could not find anything like this in ConTeXt.

After a while of searching, I found in spec-fdf.tex the following lines:

\def\PDFpageviewkey{  fit}
\def\PDFpageviewwrd{ /Fit}
\def\PDFpageview   {/View [\PDFpageviewwrd] }

I changed /Fit to /FitBH and indeed, I get lines like this:
<</S /GoTo /D [0 /FitBH]>>
in the pdf-file. When clicking on a link, I get into FitBH mode, but not at
startup. Does anybody know a little bit more about PDF to get this working
as in LaTeX?

Cheers, Peter

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