On Mon, 7 Jun 2004, Hans Hagen wrote:

> \setupinteraction[focus=fit|width|height|standard]
> BH is not supported (yet)
> you need to add the following to mult-con.tex first to get minheight supported 
>                 minhoogte: minhoogte                 minheight
>                            minhoehe                  minvyska
>                            altezzamin                inaltimeminima

Thank you, Hans!
I also had to add minbreedte, then my testfile compiled.
With \setupinteraction[state=start,focus=minwidth] I get indeed a line like
this: /D [2 0 R /FitBH 0] in the pdf-file, but Acroread does not start in
this mode... (focus=width does not work neither)

> so now we have minheight and minwidth; can you test that (only when it
> works i will move it to the driver module; such things were buggy in
> previous versions of acrobat)

Yes, I think they are still buggy, but it seems, that newer pdftex versions
know to handle those bugs. At least with pdftex-1.10b and LaTeX, there is
no more problem. (with pdftex-0.14h, there was no hope...)

Greetings, Peter

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