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>hmm, I have zero experience with Windows and wouldn't get near a
>computer running Windows if you payed me for it,

I certainly agree with this sentiment, and will make yet another attempt to 
switch to Linux this year; kde3.4 is looking nice...

>but I guess there must
>be a central configuration file somewhere. On linux and unix systems,
>it's called texmf.cnf.

It's the same here; I'll look into it. There may be some os-related syntax 
issues, though, since

kpsewhich -var-value TEXMFLOCAL


kpsewhich: unrecognized option `-var-value'

But I'll keep working/learning.


That's where you define which tex-trees you have
>and in what order they should be searched. So if you want to have your
>new C/Context searched first, your C/Texlive second, one of them should
>be set as TEXMFLOCAL, the other as TEXMFMAIN. What does

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