Hi Hans,

I also just noticed that the space between the number and the unit is missing 
when I typeset with ConTeXt ver: 2022.09.11 20:44 LMTX fmt: 2022.9.25. This 
space was present in with the ConTeXt version I was using earlier, from a 
couple months ago. Thanks for putting it on the math todo list!


(I sent the above message to Hans, but failed to cc the mailing list. Sorry if 
some of you get this twice.)

> On Sep 25, 2022, at 9:19 AM, Hans Hagen <j.ha...@freedom.nl> wrote:
> On 9/25/2022 3:30 PM, Gavin via ntg-context wrote:
>> Hello list,
>> I have a few questions about space produced by the unit command. Consider 
>> this MWE
>> \starttext
>> \unit{3.00e8 kg m/s}
>> $\unit{3.00e8 kg m/s}$
>> \stoptext
>> The dot between “kg” and “m” has different spacing depending on whether the 
>> \unit command is in text or math mode. I think that the tighter spacing in 
>> the first one, in text, is correct.
>> I personally would also like less space around the \times. To me, the number 
>> 3.00e8 should be typeset more like a single number, rather than like a 
>> product of 3.00 and 10^8. I am probably in the minority here. If \unit and 
>> \digit had an option for tighter spacing around the \times, I’d use it, but 
>> the current output with more space is probably what most people expect and 
>> want. Perhaps something like [scispace=tight].
> that's for the math todo
>> Finally, \unit does not play nicely with surrounding spaces. For example:
>>     $2\pi\,\unit{3.00e8 kg m/s}$
>> causes a fatal error:
>> tex error       > tex error on line 9 in file ./Untitled.tex: Incompatible 
>> glue units (case 1)
> that's an interesting case for the engine (Mixing regular and mu skips and 
> so) ... we mighth finaly have a valid case for a primitive zero test
> Hans
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