Hi Gavin,

On Wed, 2022-10-12 at 15:54 -0600, Gavin wrote:
> Hi Max, Alan, Bruce, Hans, et.al
> I solved my four issues with \unit spacing. In the process, I
> prevented unwanted line breaks and removed an overzealous backspace
> before division symbols. Below is a MWE that shows all of these
> issues, as well as pictures of the result with the unmodified phys-
> dim.mkxl and with my modified phys-dim.mkxl. The final result is
> exactly what I wanted.

This new output looks *much* better than the old one, thanks! 

My only comment is that the spacing around the multiplication sign looks
a little too tight to me. The original spacing was probably too large,
but I think that a little more space than you currently have would be

> If anyone wants my changes, either for their own use or to improve the
> distributed phys-dim.mkxl, I’m happy to share.

Yes, can you please share that to the list?

Hi Rik,

> It does look like you have introduced additional space before the 
> solidus. Was that intentional?

I believe that that is intentional. From the earlier email:

> removed an overzealous backspace before division symbols.

This new spacing looks much more even to me, especially around the

-- Max
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