On 2022-10-12 17:54, Gavin via ntg-context wrote:
Hi Max, Alan, Bruce, Hans, et.al

I solved my four issues with \unit spacing. In the process, I prevented 
unwanted line breaks and removed an overzealous backspace before division 
symbols. Below is a MWE that shows all of these issues, as well as pictures of 
the result with the unmodified phys-dim.mkxl and with my modified 
phys-dim.mkxl. The final result is exactly what I wanted.

If anyone wants my changes, either for their own use or to improve the 
distributed phys-dim.mkxl, Iā€™m happy to share.

Thanks for all of your comments!




The \type{\unit} command in text produces \unit{1.23e5 kg m^2/s^2}.

Inline math \type{$\unit$} produces $\unit{1.23e5 kg m^2/s^2}$.

Display math produces
  \unit{1.23e5 kg m^2/s^2} + \unit{8.64e5 newton m} = \unit{987,000 joule}

Line breaking in math:

{\hsize=0pt $G = \unit{6.6743e-11 m3 kg-1 s-2}$}

Line breaking in text:

{\hsize=0pt \unit{6.6743e-11 m3 kg-1 s-2}}


Output with unmodified phys-dim.mkxl:

Output with my modified phys-dim.mkxl:

On Oct 10, 2022, at 12:15 AM, Max Chernoff via ntg-context <ntg-context@ntg.nl> 

Hi Alan,

I would very strongly argue that the space between the number and the
following units be UNBREAKABLE. Perhaps a thin space (preference), but
most certainly non-breakable.

Similarly around the times in scientific notation.

I further cannot imagine that a line break be acceptable around a \cdot
in composite units.

This can possibly lead to overfill and underfill, something that I find
*infinitely* more acceptable then breaking numbers and units.
Yes, I agree completely here.

I do not know or use the \units command. Maybe it uses unbreakable
spaces, maybe not. I would never use it unless it could be configured
to only use nonbreakable spaces.
The current behaviour doesn't break the unit from the number, but it
does split the scientific notation.

This test file:

   \hsize=0pt Math: $G = \unit{6.6743e-11 m3 kg-1 s-2}$

   \hsize=0pt Text: \unit{6.6743e-11 m3 kg-1 s-2}


   10āˆ’11 m3ā‹…kgāˆ’1ā‹…sāˆ’2

which isn't great. In my opinion, the \unit command should be typeset in an
\hbox (or similar) since I can't think of any circumstances where breaking
it would be reasonable.

-- Max

It does look like you have introduced additional space before the solidus. Was that intentional?


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