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> Hello list,
> I have a few questions about space produced by the unit command. Consider 
> this MWE
> \starttext
> \unit{3.00e8 kg m/s}
> $\unit{3.00e8 kg m/s}$
> \stoptext
> The dot between “kg” and “m” has different spacing depending on whether the 
> \unit command is in text or math mode. I think that the tighter spacing in 
> the first one, in text, is correct.
> I personally would also like less space around the \times. To me, the number 
> 3.00e8 should be typeset more like a single number, rather than like a 
> product of 3.00 and 10^8. I am probably in the minority here. If \unit and 
> \digit had an option for tighter spacing around the \times, I’d use it, but 
> the current output with more space is probably what most people expect and 
> want. Perhaps something like [scispace=tight].

I too would prefer less space around the times e.g. \starttext 3.00×10\high{8} 
\stoptext is fine (except for the 8 which is nicer in \unit).

Bruce Horrocks
Hampshire, UK

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