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I didn’t understand all details, and I guess some spelling errors are intentional – was there a Calli? Does “precission” refer to anything? And what’s the abbreviation for Theodores?
the theodore is only used in reporting an overflow so no real unit (just like feet is no unit in tex but used in the message)

of course

concerning precission, indeed there was a real beautiful handcrafted measuring device but as with much research one could sort of predict the median outcome esp after the main sample was made beforehand by carefully checking some resources; it was nice to see how most attendents properties fit the bill

I thought maybe a play on precision vs. precession

(Alan will be pleased to know that actually the Thumb was the starting point which happens to be close to an inch and the oid Dutch measure is Duim.)

I understand that the rule of thumb is the rule of 1/11 feet in Amsterdam.

ps. So 'I didn’t understand all details' is quite okay because the idea was to put you on the wrong foot (or theodore). It helps when you knwo the people involved, does it?

I know it’s not funny to explain jokes, but I don’t seem to know all people involved.


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