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We now officially have three new units. These were officially introducd at the 2023 BachoTeX meeting in a presentation where the chair of the four person strong team also did the final live callibration (using the edithorial callibration instrument made for that purpose). An upcoming article in TB will explain the details of the process and also a careful mathematical annalysis of how we reached the right value with a high precission. The actual implementation is the most boring part.

Hi Hans, can I have the article also for CGJ, please?

I didn’t understand all details, and I guess some spelling errors are intentional – was there a Calli? Does “precission” refer to anything? And what’s the abbreviation for Theodores?
the theodore is only used in reporting an overflow so no real unit (just like feet is no unit in tex but used in the message)

an article is chicken-egg ... it goes into the tugboat (already checked and prepared, read peer reviewed) but it is no big deal if the ctx journal takes it afterwards (plenty of time) and then the cg members are also informed (it will go in the distribution anyway but normally i wait till after publication)

concerning precission, indeed there was a real beautiful handcrafted measuring device but as with much research one could sort of predict the median outcome esp after the main sample was made beforehand by carefully checking some resources; it was nice to see how most attendents properties fit the bill

(Alan will be pleased to know that actually the Thumb was the starting point which happens to be close to an inch and the oid Dutch measure is Duim.)


ps. For those unfamiliar with the tex community, when we talk 'research' and such, keep in mind that most tex related research is kind of bogus, wishful thinking, sounding serious, etc. and that most 'projects' are just 'activities by enthousiatic users' In the end it's all about esthetics which is more about feeling and intuition and pretty much driven by user demsnds. In a similar fashion most 'tex conferences' are more user meetings.

ps. So 'I didn’t understand all details' is quite okay because the idea was to put you on the wrong foot (or theodore). It helps when you knwo the people involved, does it?

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