Adam Lindsay wrote:

> \startmathcollection[default] %eventual patch for math-tex?
> \definemathcharacter [a]   [nothing] [mi] ["61]
> \definemathcharacter [b]   [nothing] [mi] ["62]
> \definemathcharacter [c]   [nothing] [mi] ["63]
> \definemathcharacter [d]   [nothing] [mi] ["64]
> \definemathcharacter [e]   [nothing] [mi] ["65]

Interesting. With these definitions in place, getting mixed bold in cmr 
math is a lot better, too...

\definetypeface [] [mm] [bfmath] [computer-modern] [computer-modern]
\setupformulas [method=bold]

n({\bfm a} + {\bfm b}) = {\bfm \Gamma}

Now, do digits ever get bold-ed in mixed bold and regular math?
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