I was confused with typo (ctx=tcx :-) but I still did not succeed. I now 
installed last cont-tfm, I tried 8bit.tex (from the example) and nothing :-(

I am using now directly "texexec 8bit.tex", which leads to natural.tcx and 
english interface, without anything more. I tried to change regimes in 8bit.tex 
too, and the characters were changing. So regimes are OK, result not.

Texexec still reports:

chapter         : 1 ÄluŁou\char 163 c\char 237  kon\char 165  \char 250 p\char 

which is not good. And I am not able, when not using cp1250.tcx, recode win1250 
(default for win) to latin2. There I am able to write regime for myself 
(cp1250), but I suppose, that whenever characters will not expand to \char XXX 
form, cp1250.tcx still will be working and usable.

Cannot be set somewhere something badly in my local context configuration?

Thank you,


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Martin Kolařík wrote:
> Aha, here maybe will be the solution :-)
> I'am using standalone Win32 distribution from Pragma and I'm running texexec 
> with --translate=cp1252cs. Typescripts use il2, which corresponds to fonts, 
> of course. If I run the code without XML (if I transcribe XML to \chapter 
> etc.) I get toc entry correctly too.
> Where should I look for more? What is natural.ctx?
this is a one-to-one translation vector, and the one standard used by context; 
forget about all those other mappings, they can be done using regimes; you can 
use an il2 input regime, and any (resonable) font encoding, 


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