On 4/3/06, Martin Kolařík wrote:

> which is not good. And I am not able, when not using cp1250.tcx, recode 
> win1250 (default for win) to latin2. There I am able to write regime for 
> myself (cp1250), but I suppose, that whenever characters will not expand to 
> \char XXX form, cp1250.tcx still will be working and usable.

Hans, I would guess that more than 50% of Slavic Windows users (ie.
Slovenian, Croatian, Chech, Slovak, ...) use the cp1250 encoding
(including me). Would it be possible to add at least this file
http://pub.mojca.org/tex/enco/contextbase/regi-cp1250.tex to the
default ConTeXt distribution? (with "synonyms" windows-1250 and

This has probably nothing to do with the problem described here, but I
believe that many users would appreciate to have that "encoding"
(called regime in ConTeXt) available.

> when I added \mainlanguage[cz] before \enableregime[windows] in 8bit.tex and 
> run
> texexec with --translate=cp1250cs, I got:

\enableregime[windows] is cp1252 (Western European Windows) not cp1250
(Central European Windows), --translate=cp1250cs is cp1250 (supposing
that you don't use \enableregime[windows], but the default one):
everything will be mixed up if you use both simultaneously.

If you download the file mentioned above (place it into the current
directory or somewhere in the TeX tree and refresh the filename
database) or if Hans adds it to the distribution, you can use
\input regi-cp1250

This probably won't solve your problem with missing spaces (didn't try
it), but you'll have the proper encoding.

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