Richard Gabriel wrote:
> Hello Hans,
> after an upgrade I noticed thar the index sorting works even worse 
> than before (tested on Czech, Chinese and Japanese, but probably 
> related to non-ASCII characters in common).
> With TeXExec 5.4.3, all words beginning with national (accented) 
> characters were put into a separate ("symbols") group and placed 
> before "A". This was not good but more or less acceptable.
> With TeXExec 6.2.0, words beginning with accented characters are 
> placed under certain unaccented letter. My colleague found out that 
> these words are sorted according the first unaccented letter. This is 
> unacceptable and unusable.
> We do a "work-around" so we try to avoid indexing words beginning with 
> accented charaters. But it's impossible in many cases.
> I'd like to ask you to improve the index sorting. Could I help or 
> contribute in some way?
> Attached is a testing file, which creates 2 indexes from various Czech 
> words (covering the Czech alphabet). The index should be sorted 
> exactly that way as the terms are written in the file.
actually the nex texexec implementation does czech sorting but it's not enables 
yet in context itself (was experimental until now) 

- download the latest version (i uploaded a version that enables it) 
- don't forget \mainlanguage[cz] at the top of your document 
- in sort-lan.tex you can see how czech sorting is defined 

(context adds a lot of into to the tui file in order to get sorting done) 

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