Since I need to typeset some names with characters outside of ec  
encoding, I'm just checking out XeTeX.

- first threshold:
If you have \setupoutput[pdftex] in cont-sys.tex, it doesn't work. ;-)
(Complains "you should use pdftex binaries".)

- second threshold:
Adapt your typescripts. Since I use TeX Gyre anyway, that was no  
problem. (Is there still no complete type-gyr.tex in the  
distribution? I couldn't find it.)

- third threshold (standing there):
XeTeX can't read tagged PDFs. For I typeset proceedings, I must  
include a lot of pages from presentation PDFs. And even if I'd call  
myself a PDF professional, I didn't find a way to delete all tags  
from a PDF.
I could convert everything to EPS or even render the pages in  
Photoshop. But I'd prefer to stay with the PDFs.
Any ideas?

Tomorrow I'll try to use an additional PostScript font - is that even  
possible? Otherwise I must convert it to OpenType.

Greetlings from Lake Constance!
--- (I'm an assurer)

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