On Wed, Apr 16, 2008 at 5:18 PM, John Devereux wrote:
> "Mojca Miklavec" writes:
> >>  However I have been using context for years, and may well have messed
>  >>  something up! It seems to work OK with my "normal" documents. Except I
>  >>  notice \usemodule[gnuplot] does not work.
>  >
>  > What exactly goes wrong?
>  I have got this working now too. The problems were:
>   - the syntax seems to have changed since I originally used it. Used
>     to be \startGNUPLOTgraphic now needs to be \startGNUPLOTscript
>   - I missed the bit on the wiki about enabling write18
>   - I was misled by some examples (in the source code) into thinking
>     that parameters go in curly brackets, but this does not work for
>     me (and fails silently).
>  So in the source code you have
>   \startGNUPLOTscript{sin}
>       plot sin(x)
>   \stopGNUPLOTscript
>   \useGNUPLOTgraphic{sin}
>  but I needed
>   \startGNUPLOTscript[sin]
>       plot sin(x)
>   \stopGNUPLOTscript
>   \useGNUPLOTgraphic[sin]
>  to make it work.

I'm sorry about that. Yes, the syntax change is my fault, but it won't
happen again. If I wanted to support
and alike, the curly braces didn't fit in so nicely.

The module has initially been part of ConTeXt (Hans has written most
of it at the beginning), but it was easier to develop it as a module
once I started writing metapost code for the dedicated terminal etc.

I have removed the faulty examples a few days ago (just didn't upload
the new version yet). I was trying to write code in such a way that
curly braces would work as well for backward compatibility, but failed
to do so (the code is there, but only half of it works). However, all
of these changes have happened rather early in the process and won't
happen again.

Moreover, it would be nice to get the TikZ terminal working with
ConTeXt (I need to find some time for it, and then finally convince
the gnuplot developers to include it into the binary).

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