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> On Wed, Apr 16, 2008 at 9:24 PM, John Devereux wrote:
>> "Mojca Miklavec" writes:
>>  I really like gnuplot and the gnuplot module. It is great to be able
>>  to include the data inline with the document. And it would be nice to
>>  see it part of the distribution. I am using a stock debian gnuplot, so
>>  I don't know the implications of the context and TikZ terminals.
> No major difference. But it would (should, at least) be compatible
> with all the three: LaTeX/plain/ConTeXt.
>>  Does
>>  it mean I would not end up with so many  *-gnuplot-* files? :)
> When I have developed the terminal with enormous Hans's and Taco's
> help, I have asked him to implement some functionality to delete the
> files with ctxtools --purge. He has implemented some functionality
> (\registertempfile or something - need to check), but it deletes the
> files automatically at the end of run, so one either needs to:
> - delete the files
> - leave the files
> - no option to delete files with ctxtools
> The problem with deleting the files immediately is that if you make a
> trivial mistake in the gnuplot script, gnuplot won't create any
> output, and it's rather difficult to spot the error in the long bunch
> of ConTeXt messages. You just get no graphic, any you wonder why.
> Do you have any suggestions about how to reduce the number of files in
> some sensible way?

The ideal would be an option when processing the source file, to turn
off file deletion. Like

texexec document.tex --keep-temporaries

So by default the source directory would be kept clean, but when
"debugging" the intermediate files would be available.

Or perhaps some option passed to \startGNUPLOTscript (or
\useGNUPLOTgraphic) if that is possible?


That might be better otherwise debugging a big document could result
it hundreds of files.

Another possibility would be to put the files in /tmp.


John Devereux
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