Am 2009-04-30 um 19:06 schrieb Wolfgang Schuster:
You never needed the sectionworld command for your own header command,
this solution is cleaner and works with mkii and mkiv.

Thank you! That's nearly exactly what I wanted to achieve!
So I asked the wrong question, stupid newbie error...
But I wonder why you suggested the complicated solution one year before...

I presented you a solution with sectionworld headers, the \Title command
was AFAIR your invention (which you never mentioned before).

That one indeed (that was easy...), but the whole sectionworld stuff was yours, as documented in (see %start/stop WS; there \Titel is called \MyChapter)

I still don't understand what the (additional?) problem was that you solved with that solution.
Apparently we needed to tinker with the chapter counter.

What part of your recent solutions wasn't possible one year before?
\define[#] ? (At least I didn't know that one.)

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