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Yue Wang wrote:

compilation time, you can have a cup of tea and enjoy the sunshine...
Anyway, t-zhspacing is much faster than lualatex. but 1 minutes to
compile a 100 pages document is still too long)

it all depends on what you use and want to achieve; also lualatex is not
relevant when we discuss for instance context mkiv which follows
different routes

(btw, mk.pdf takes some 55 seconds for a 300+ page document and that's
10 seconds for page faulting so on another machine it runs faster; and
mk uses a lot of large fonts + some demanding typesetting like arabic)

1 min for 100 pages is very slow, I have a japanese/german book which
takes about 1 min for 600 pages, the slowest part is a very huge natural
table (over 700 cells) where ConTeXt needs about 1 second.


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