I am a user of Context from the old days, and usually don't need much help installing the software. However, I am needing to use Contextminimals for the first time, as Miktex 2.8 has dropped Context support.

My problem is that I have a lot of my own setups and personal fonts and Contextminimals seems to have some problem dealing with local setups. I am using MkII by the way but these problems seem to exist in MkIV also.

I have a font, Univers, installed to texmf-local with texfont and Context claims it cannot find the font definitions.

running texexec I get the following:

!pdfTeX error: pdftex.exe (file 8r-raw-punr8a): Font 8r-raw-punr8a at 432 not found
 ==> Fatal error occurred, no output PDF file produced!
TeXExec | runtime: 10.311

ConTeXt Full finished at Sun Nov 29 21:58:36

Then from command prompt, I type:
C:\Users\Christopher>kpsewhich 8r-raw-punr8a.tfm

I know this is not strictly relevant to MkII, but for comparison:
C:\Users\Christopher>luatools --expand-path TEXMFLOCAL

C:\Users\Christopher>texexec --version
TeXExec | version 6.2.1 - 1997-2009 - PRAGMA ADE/POD

C:\Users\Christopher>context --version
MTXrun | main context file: c:/context/texmf-context/tex/context/base/context.te
MTXrun | current version: 2009.10.27 16:35

How do I get Context to recognise the local setup?


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