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On Thu, Jul 8, 2010 at 02:03, Tom wrote:
> What would be the best version of ConTeXt to recommend to a friend who
> writes novels on a PC running Windows? The person has no programming
> He would probably require some assistance installing Tex-Live or whatever
> and would need a stable version because he couldn't manage frequent
> Problems would far outweigh additional features for him.

TeX Live 2010 should work fine.


I don't expect there will be much ConTeXt activity from our Dutch friends
today due to the big game, but I will risk a question anyway.

>From which site should Americans download Tex Live 2010? Minimals only?

The Wiki suggests that command-line and GUI installers can be downloaded
from there and that either a stable or beta version can be selected from
either of the installers. Is this the recommended method for non-technical
types to get Tex Live? I assume that the beta version is the latest 2010
version, bugs and all, and that the stable version is the one suggested by
Mojca and is close to the one that Taco says will go physical in September.
Will anything else, such as Ruby, be required? 

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