Tom wrote:

> I get very confused by all the different versions. For starters, what is
> Tex Live? Is it the full blown Context or is it something else?
TeXLive is the full blown TeX distribution. It includes LaTeX, ConTeXt etc.
> The TUG
> site has Tex Live 2009 which I assume is a stable version that is
> distributed on DVDs to TUG members. I get the impression that other
> Context "compilers" for lack of a better term exist and that Context
> Minimals is a stripped down version of a more powerful one. How far off
> track am I?
Context Minimals is "context-only" TeX distribution. If you don't need 
LaTeX, you can use minimals, else install TeXLive 2010 (context Mark IV is 
broken in TeXLive 2009).

P.S.: Do you use "forward" instead of "reply"? Or why your e-mail agent 
doesn't prepend "> " to the quoted strings?
Yury G. Kudryashov

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