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On Thu, Jul 8, 2010 at 13:54, Tom wrote:
> From which site should Americans download Tex Live 2010? Minimals only?


> I assume that the beta version is the latest 2010
> version, bugs and all, and that the stable version is the one suggested by
> Mojca and is close to the one that Taco says will go physical in

Yes, Taco only said that DVDs will be sent to members in September.

> Will anything else, such as Ruby, be required?

Ruby is not needed for MkIV, but if he is planning to use MKII, you'll
want to install Ruby anyway.


I get very confused by all the different versions. For starters, what is Tex
Live? Is it the full blown Context or is it something else? The TUG site has
Tex Live 2009 which I assume is a stable version that is distributed on DVDs
to TUG members. I get the impression that other Context "compilers" for lack
of a better term exist and that Context Minimals is a stripped down version
of a more powerful one. How far off track am I?

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