On 5-12-2010 3:06, Renaud AUBIN wrote:
Ok, I have made a first version available as a Dropbox ressource:
It certainly needs some improvements (I have some in mind since I have
tested it on time.h ⇒ ouch). Feedbacks are welcome since I'll not use it
intensively in a near future.

Peter: could you test it? I let you add your copy(left) stuff and I will
make a public git repo on gitorious if you agree.

Hans: do you agree with the naming scheme and the copyright stuff before
I put it on gitorious?

maybe better the name t-pretty-c is better, of if you follow some strategy t-pretty-emacs-c or so (if there are many variants possible)

maybe you should protect the color names as for instance redefining darkred might not be the intention


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