20:40 nibua-r committed 9c5877c
Color abstraction.

20:33 nibua-r committed 2a2a9e1
The test file now use t-pretty-c instead of u-pretty-c.

20:31 nibua-r committed 921eca5
u-pretty-c renamed to t-pretty-c as suggested by Hans. Colors are now
protected using the C prefix.

Concerning the color abstraction patch, one needs just to overload
Ccomment, Cpreproc, Cstring, Ctype, Ckeyword, Cname and Cfuncnbound to
use custom color scheme.



Le 06/12/2010 15:04, Peter Münster a écrit :
> On Mon, Dec 06 2010, Hans Hagen wrote:
>> maybe better the name t-pretty-c is better, of if you follow some
>> strategy t-pretty-emacs-c or so (if there are many variants
>> possible)
> The only thing in common with emacs, is the default color-scheme. You can get
> any variant just by changing the color setup.
> Peter

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