On 24-3-2011 7:57, Mojca Miklavec wrote:
On Wed, Mar 23, 2011 at 20:08, Ulrike Fischer wrote:

At second I want actually to add more than one tree ;-)

My main problem is that there quite a lot of configuration files
which look like good candidates (I found texmf.cnf, texmfcnf.lua,
context.cnt, contextcnf.lua.) and that I don't know where to put a
local version which will not be changed by updates.

texmf.cnf is for MKII and texmfcnf.lua is for MKIV. The files
context.cnf and contextcnf.lua are not used. They are usually just the
source for texmf.cnf and texmfcnf.lua, but they are not taken

One way is to set environmental variables, but probably a better way
is to create a copy of texmf.cnf&  texmfcnf.lua in texmf-local/web2c/
and change the TEXMF variable there. No, wait. texmf-local is not
known until texmf.cnf is actually read in (chicked-and-egg problem).

Did you test it?

Just put a cnf there and run

mtxrun --configurations

and see what gets reported. Here I have one in the local tree because I need to hook in my dev paths.


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