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>> Try
>>> \switchtotypeface[LeagueScript][12pt]
>> \switchtobodyfont[LeageScript]
> Is \switchtobodyfont the recommended way of changing the typeface temporarily 
> anywhere in a document
> (for example when making cover page graphics)? Its name implies only document 
> body.
> Nevertheless, \switchtobodyfont works (at least in the document body, haven't 
> tested yet elsewhere)
> without setting \setupbodyfont.

\switchtotypeface wasn’t working for you because the second argument
expects a font alternative (e.g. rm, ss etc.)  and not the size.

You can also switch to a certain typeface when you use the command,
in your case \LeagueScript but have to ensure that the typeface
is loaded, otherwise you’ll get an error message.

The preferred method to select a typescript are \setupbodyfont and
\switchtobodyfont, the differences between both is that \switchtobodyfont
use the chosen font only for the document text while \setupbodyfont
affects also the header and footer of your document.

>> \definetypeface[LeagueScript][ss][specsans][League Script Thin]
>> \definetypeface[Pompadour][ss][specsans][Pompadour]
> This seems to work for most fonts, with others like Pompadour it fails 
> (pompadour has SubFamily string of
> "Black" [Mac] and "Regular" [Windows] in the .otf), and spec fails to find 
> pompadour-normal-normal which
> it is looking for). Pompadour is a serif font, so i tried also with arguments 
> [rm][specserif].

A real problem with all TeX systems, fonts have too many names
and it’s hard to know which one you need to load it.

> I have looked into co-typography.pdf for help, and while it is very extensive 
> in some parts, in others it
> is (too) technical and lacks expanations for some parameters.

Indeed, Hans explains in his manuals sometimes too much which can
confuse a beginner because these information aren’t necessary to
use a certain mechanism, e.g. to load a font.

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