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Thank You for clarification on the subject. Though, I still have a few problems 
for which I haven't found an answer for.



\LeagueScript 01234567890
\Pompadour 01234567890

This source works as expected, but if I:

a) comment out the \setupbodyfont command or switch [LeagueScript, 14pt) into 
[modern, 14pt] (or anything else than LeagueScript or
Pompadour), all fonts will show up as Latin Modern. This seems very odd.

b) specify a font size less than 13pt in \setupbodyfont, all fonts will (again) 
show up as Latin Modern. It seems that nowhere in the
document I'm able to use these "external" fonts in small sizes. There is no 
problem with sizes >= 14pt. This seems to happen with all
ttf/otf fonts I try to use.

Could it be possible that these two issues are caused by a bug in MKIV?

> Indeed, Hans explains in his manuals sometimes too much which can
> confuse a beginner because these information aren’t necessary to
> use a certain mechanism, e.g. to load a font.

Actually, the biggest problem is that many font related pages on the Wiki are 
for MKII and many lack information on whether the syntax
is for MKII or MKIV. The font docs on Pragma homepages are for MKII only. 

Syntax for the \switchtotypeface would be nice. showfont.pdf from Pragma 
homepage shows \switchtotypeface[name][size,type] as one
possible calling syntax but a clear explanation of all the parameters is 
missing. I would like to add this to the Wiki along other
tutorials for MKIV font usage, so as much information on the subject as 
possible is appreciated.

Thanks again,
Otso Helenius
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